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14-Jul-2017 01:43

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For those of you that know who I am – yay you, give yourself a biscuit puppies!

For those of you that don’t – sit down, pay attention.

This weaker sex – (the male species known best for being led in life by that silly stupid stick between their legs) need constant attention with sweet firm abuse to give their sad self the illusion that have importance in MY WORLD. Hit the red X in the top right hand corner if that’s all your simple brain can come up with saying to me. The role you will play in My life will be the most satisfying and electric thing you have ever been a part of.

I take great pleasure in making “seemingly” strong men extremely weak for me with minimal effort. My firm grasp tighten around the strings of the world’s most eager puppets guiding them down their life’s most important & satisfying show : Seeking sincere obedients who truly believe women are far more superior in all ways & that they remain forever unsatisfied unless serving a true FEMDOM HUMILIATRIX GODDESS. Now again, on the count of 3, bring the focus back to me, Your Femdom Humiliatrix Goddess Mz Devon.

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