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Any criterion that leads to banks extending loans to people that are inclined to repay, leads to banks discriminating against minorities, single women, and especially blacks. That is one creed and one way of life that they are not inclined to extend tolerance to.Forbidding an ever increasing range of speech and association is necessarily intolerant.The first two propositions superficially sound like a commitment to the scientific method – but somehow they have left out evidence, experiment, and observation.After dismissing religion, the Enlightenment demands adherence to three blatantly false religious beliefs, which beliefs contradict reason, experiment and observation far more blatantly than young earth creationism does.The word "Chechen", however, occurs in Russian sources as early as 1692 and the Russians probably derived it from the Kabardian "Shashan".The Chechen people are mainly inhabitants of Chechnya, Russian Federation.The region is undergoing significant change as Islam flourishes.The Chechen government is trying to adopt Islamic law and strengthen Chechen traditions.

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The prosecution contends that after drinking vodka for much of the day to celebrate his daughter's birthday, Budanov took a vehicle late at night with three other soldiers and drove out of his base near Grozny to the village of Tangi.

She writes, "For young women in Chechnya the most innocent acts could mean breaking the law.

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