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For a start, there was the age difference - he was 23, for goodness' sake! She'd been signed up after turning up with 100 other young hopefuls, clutching some sheet music, desperate to impress local entrepreneur and band leader Barney Rapp. Jorden lived locally in Evanstown, Cincinnati, where Doris had been born, and played in the same band as her.

Even in a world that craves something different and new all the time, some things regrettably rarely change.For instance if you want to hear a female voice during a major Big 4 sporting event (MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL) your best chance is a quick flash to the “sideline reporter” — a position broadcasters have been happy to surrender to women like Erin Andrews, Jamie Erdahl, and Pam Oliver while reserving the jobs of calling in-game action mostly for an all-male fraternity.But the NBA, which in many ways has led the other major sports in innovations, has the excellent Doris Burke doing color analysis for the NBA playoffs on ABC.She was only 16, but Doris Kappelhoff didn't mince her words when trombonist Al Jorden asked her to accompany him to the cinema.'He's a creep and I wouldn't go out with him if they were giving away gold nuggets at the movie! Whether she also ended up in his bed is not clear, but considering his unsavoury nature and her unusually 'mature' attitude towards sex, it was more than likely - even though she was 'going steady' with someone her ambitious mother considered a very nice chap, a well-known local radio presenter, Fred Foster.

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Only the image was wholesome: Doris Day, queen of the coy sex comedy Rapp liked Doris - he liked most attractive, underage girls, as it happens, despite being married with a pregnant wife - and happily agreed to have her in his band.Here are 12 facts about Burke that contribute to her making the NBA experience better.